Today is the birthday of the most courageous Pilot of India ‘Abhinandan Vardhaman’

Today is the Birthday of the ace pilot Abhinandan Vardhaman who was involved in the famous Balakot airstrike and took down F16 fighter aircraft his birthday is celebrated with joy and happiness all over the nation.

About Balakot Airstrike

On 27th February Abhinandan took down a Pakistani F-16 fighter aircraft over Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) despite the plane he was flying (MiG-21) was less powered than F-16, he was later shot down by enemy forces with a missile and was landed in the territory of Pakistan.

While being in the land of Pakistan he was like a lion and was not at all afraid of them.

He was captive by the Pakistan Army for almost 60 days and was portrayed as a national hero in india.

When he returned to India on 1 March 2019, he was warmly greeted by the people.

Abhinandan has inspired a lot of people and proved himself as a true lover of the nation India. Even after being captive for a duration of 60 days, the ace pilot was not seen tense a bit in the videos published by the Pakistan armed force.

Today, 21st June is the birthday of Abhinandan, he turns 39 years old and is receiving warm wishes from all around the globe.

One user wrote ‘ Abhinandan Sir you are the pride of our nation and have inspired not me but millions of people, Happy Birthday Sir ‘

Another One wrote ‘ Happy Birthday, You are the one I look up to, I love you and will always remember your Balakot Airstrike incident ‘

Abhinandan is recently promoted to the rank of Group Captain. His fearless attitude will be remembered for centuries.