Increasing Cybersecurity Threats: Italy VPN to the Rescue

Whenever you talk about the virtual private network (VPN), many people think it’s just to enhance the availability of geo-restricted content that Italy or a region within the country will not allow. VPN does more than that; the critical problem you should consider is cybersecurity.

The demand by hackers on Reddit for $4.5 million and reversal of API increases in April and June 16, 2023, for deleting data in their possession points out that what Italy, in particular, and the world in general, contends with is not just circumventing geo-restricted content. Cybercrime is a potential danger to governments, organizations, and individuals; the world must rise and implement measures and innovations to stop the activities of cyber criminals who are becoming tech-savvy daily.

There is a report of cybercriminals using the Python-based NodeStealer malware to steal credentials and cookies from victims’ web browsers as of December 2022; the action may look isolated, but it points to the danger everyone has to look out for. Efforts we take to tackle and mitigate threat actors and their nefarious activities will go a long way to determine how secure our organizations can be globally.

Can Italy VPN come to the rescue?

Italy is not the only country facing the menace of cybercriminals; cybercrime is a global phenomenon. However, you must start the fight from wherever you find yourself. 

Italy VPN can immensely help people who reside in the country. Before cybercriminals access your network, they try to trace your online activities through your internet protocol (IP) address; usually, your internet service provider (ISP) assigns an IP address to your device anytime you log into the internet.

Anyone who has your IP address can access your network and track all you do online; apart from your ISP that automatically sees your browsing history, any third party with malicious intentions can leverage the opportunity of accessing your network to steal sensitive information. The problem becomes more worrisome if you reside in Italy and go by the record that the government, military, and law enforcement category was hit by 15 percent of the total number of cyber-attacks, with the ICT sector following with 14 percent in 2021.

Ordinarily, you must expect the government, military, law enforcement agencies, and the ICT sector to be more protected than corporate bodies and individuals because of the technical information they have. If these “secure bodies” can experience the highest cyberattacks in Italy, why would you not go for Italy VPN to protect yourself and your organization?

How does Italy VPN protect you?

The primary or fundamental task of Italy VPN is to mask/hide your IP address; when Italy VPN hides your IP address, no one can trace any of your browsing activities to your IP address. Italy VPN will assign you another IP address from any of the servers they have across the globe; anyone who tries to track your online activities will end up at the server of Italy VPN.

The second vital task the Italy VPN performs is to encrypt your log; when Italy VPN encrypts your browsing history, only your computer and the VPN have the key to decipher the encryption. If a hacker or another third party accidentally accesses your information, it will be gibberish, meaningless, worthless, and useless to them.

How do you quit preselected programs when you encounter downtime to avoid compromise? Hackers can leverage your preselected programs to access your network; Italy VPN ensures that you readily adjust to critical situations like downtime and quit some preselected programs that can lead to compromises hackers won’t leverage to access your network.

A strong password is good; one of the world’s best practices in mitigating cybersecurity threats is strong passwords. However, a hacker can use a brute-force attack (trial-and-error) to discover your password by working through all possible combinations to guess correctly. 

Brute force attacks may seem old, but hackers can also leverage technological advancements to reduce the time they need to use excessive forceful attempts to try and ‘force’ their way into an organization’s or individual’s account(s). If hackers guess your password correctly, some benefits they can accrue include profiting from ads or collecting activity data, stealing personal data, financial details, and other valuables, hijacking your network for malicious activity, ruining your website’s reputation, and spreading malware to disrupt your organization’s processes.

Italy VPN enables multifactor authentication; you won’t need only your password that hackers can crack with brute force attacks to log into your PC or any other device. Italy VPN will request various means of identification, such as an eye scan, fingerprint, or facial recognition in addition to the password, from anyone who tries to log into your account.

Incidentally, biometric data is peculiar to an individual, and you can’t fake it.


Italy VPN can help mitigate cybersecurity issues through measures such as kill switch, multifactor authentication, encryption of web history, strong privacy and anonymity, and masking of IP addresses. If a hacker or your ISP does not know your IP address, you have reduced the chances of tracking your online activities.

Hackers have become tech-savvier and deploy technology to crack strong passwords faster; Italy VPN’s multifactor authentication ensures a third party will have difficulties accessing your network. 

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