Largest ever methane leak detected that is causing global warming

The world’s biggest methane leak has been discovered in Russia from a coal mine which has been pouring out carbon dioxide which is equivalent to five coal-fired power stations.

The Raspadskya Mine which is situated in the Kemerovo region in southern Russia is releasing approximately 90 tonnes of methane every hour, according to data which was published by the company named GHGSat, which uses satellites to monitor methane leaks from space.



Stephane Germain who is the founder and president of GHGSat told CNN on Wednesday that the methane leak that happened on January 14 was not the only incident that happened

They revealed that the company has detected several leaks throughout the 5 month period

“We find large leaks all over the world, but this one stood out,” he said, adding that this was the biggest leak ever recorded.

GHGSat further revealed that if the emission would continue at the same pace for a year, the mine would emit more than 764,000 tonnes of methane which is a huge amount and which would be equivalent to the amount of natural gas needed to power 2.4 million homes for a year.

Methane is a primary component of natural gas which is used to cook, generation of electricity etc and this methane leak that has just happened will have a severe impact that cant be minimized.