What JavaScript developers prefer?

Java script developers want to eat their own baked cake. They want both shiny and reliable java -According to the 2020 State of JavaScript report state. There were few things that were missing from JavaScript which developers absolutely missed. Those were Static typing, Standard library, and pattern matching.

Microsoft-built TypeScript is the predominant feature of last year’s survey of over 23000 JavaScript developers.

TypeScript’s widespread adoption is setting the bar to the next level by popularizing static typing- the author told.

TypeScript came in 2012 as a superscript of JavaScript. TypeScript doesn’t detract from JavaScript’s features but offers an extra feature i.e. an erasable type system that will remove types and will return them to JavaScript when code is compiled. Out of 23,756 JavaScript developers around 91% were identified as male. Third of them reported their annual income between $50,000 to $100,000.

Meanwhile, 70% of them were white, while 13% said they were Asian, and 11% identified as Hispanic. 3.2% said they were Black or of African descent, and 4% said they were from Middle Eastern nations.

JavaScript and TypeScript follow the ECMAScript standard.

According to the survey, TypeScript is the developers’ choice in terms of JavaScript flavors. It is used by 93% of developers whereas Elm was once a popular choice but now it is used by only 63% of respondents.

PureScript, Reason,and ClojureScript is used by 72%, 71%, and 59% respectively.