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TOZO OpenEgo Open Ear Earbuds Review: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Clarity for Vocals and Ambient Awareness

A while ago I brought to you the review of the OnePlus Z2 ANC Neckband after testing on different grounds to give a nonbiased review. And I said that a neckband is ideal for high bass music lovers but at the same time not very impressive for the vocals. Today we are going to know everything about the TOZO OpenEgo Earbuds. Let me make this clear at the beginning this is not a usual TWS earbud with in-ear design, neckband, or any over-the-head headphones but this time it’s TOZO OpenEgo Open Ear Earphones. These earphones have gone under two long weeks of testing, under different scenarios to check their comfortability, features, battery life, sound quality, and much more.

First and foremost: Packaging

These earbuds come in decent packaging with no such fancy element. Inside the box, you find papers that include a manual, and a quick guide. As you keep them aside you see the charging case encasing the earbuds. You also find a rectangular box that encases a Type A to C cable and two earphone braces. I will tell you the function of these braces in a while. As said these earbuds are quite different so you might consider reading instructions written in manuals and if not I am here to explain it to you.


This is an open-ear earbud and the reason to mention this thing before moving ahead in design is it’s quite large in comparison to usual in-ear-design TWS earbuds. The large earbuds mean a comparatively large charging case. The charging case is made of plastic and comes rectangular with round edges. The case is not hard to keep in your pocket but I would say it is better to carry in a bag or purse. It won’t bother you. Now coming on the earbuds it has a hook part that goes behind the pinna or say outer ear. At one end you see the earphones’ sound outlet that has a sensor, speaker, light indicator, and mic that rest on the ear canal.

The charging case has a metallic-looking design that becomes broad at the front and sleek on both sides. As soon as you open the case you surprisingly get to see the charging status of the case upfront on this metallic kind of element on the case and at the bottom you see the Type C port.

The earbuds also have light indicators that light up as soon as you open up the case to take out the earbuds. These earbuds are quite flexible and strong that can bear some tensile pressure and fall.


Let’s move ahead.

Is it comfortable to use?

Undoubtedly if I had written this just after a week of using it I would say it’s not fitting properly nor its touch work properly. Fortunately, two weeks have passed and I have learned a few things that are worth sharing. I have always used neckbands and headphones because whenever I would use an in-ear TWS earbud it would fall off from one of the ears. I found the OnePlus Z2 ANC earbuds to be better in terms of comfort. I didn’t have to put any extra pressure on my earbuds in order to keep them in place.

Earlier I did face issues in placing the earbuds properly but lately, I understood the way to place them. Here I want to mention that some users may find it a bit loose at first but using these buds with the braces can solve it. Many times I found it a bit loose on the right side but now that I have learned to place the hook part properly behind the ears there is no issue as such. And while jogging and running I would say use braces to prevent its fall. The comfort aspect largely depends on your ear shape and size. However after two weeks of usage, I am confident to say that it’s comfortable to use regularly and during exercising, running, and more. It is lightweight and comfortably stays in its place as soon as you wear it but if it dont in your case, use the silicone braces that it comes with.

How about all functions: Are they working well?

Let me start this by telling you all the specs of these earbuds.

The earbuds come with a touch panel for the touch controls, a mic, and a light indicator that lights up as soon as you open up the charging case. It comes equipped with the 16.5mm massive Dynamic driver and stays connected with Bluetooth v5.3. As far as battery life is concerned each earbud is backed by a 100mAh battery while the charging case packs a 600mAh battery.


I am going to start with the touch controls which are quite handy and responsive. You can easily control volume, play, pause, and cut and pick the call. A few times I found that it didn’t respond to the touch and I had to reach out my phone in order to pick up a call or play a song. You can also activate the voice assistant by tapping its touch panel thrice. The touch aspect is customizable through the app which I found quite impressive. After touch controls now comes the mic part that needs improvement.  Every time I would pick a call using these earbuds the caller would ask me to be louder or if I am responding from a distance. I had to speak a bit louder at the call as it didn’t catch it well.

These earbuds can be controlled through a dedicated TOZO app that lets you customize the touch controls, choose between preset 16 EQ modes, and make one by yourself also that you can save in the app. And you can also update on receiving one from this app directly. The interesting aspect of this app is its community section where users have shared their customized EQ that you can simply tap and use to listen. You also get the free access to a handful of soothing, relaxing, hypnotic tunes. In the profile section, you get to see the posts that you have posted, the feedback section, saved EQ, and Settings.

I will not have to think even one more time before saying that the battery aspect is amazing. In the span of two weeks, I have not charged it more than four or five times. Every time I would take out the earbuds it would show me a 100% charge. That does give you a sign of relief when you are on the go and don’t have time to charge it. I have used these earbuds regularly for two to three hours at least and sometimes even more. And connectivity is quite good as soon as you open the charging case you find it paired with the device that it was paired with.

What about the listening experience

Let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about the most important thing in this review article which is my experience with these earbuds. These TOZO OpenEgo Open Ear earbuds sound mesh rests just above your ear canal. This helps you to be aware of your surroundings while you are enjoying your favorite music. I never had to stop the music as I used to do with in ear TWS earbuds to listen to someone saying something. This comfort comes at a cost and that is for those who love to hear the high bass, or music full of drum rolls, and beats. When you listen to such high bass music from TOZO OpenEgo Open Earbuds you do get to listen to the high-quality sound but at the same time, it feels as if the sound is coming from a distance. I had to bring the sound mesh a bit closer to the ear canal in order to feel the beats.

“It’s like I am hearing the beats but can’t enjoy it to the fullest”

The in-ear TWS earbuds do it better than open-ear earbuds in general because the in-ear earbuds are in your ear canal ensuring no other sound enters there. Exposure to these high beats for a longer period can be hazardous to your eardrums, so make sure to not listen to it for so long. The TOZO OpenEgo Open Earbuds are not going to cause any such issue because it has neither got any silicone tip nor sit in your ear canal. The sound quality is no doubt quite good, credit to the massive drivers.

For vocals and slow music, I am literally not going to pick another sound product because these earbuds do it so well that it’s just WOW. The richness of the vocals that it has to offer makes it my first preference for those who love hearing podcasts, stories, or anything that’s kind of slow. I have used a number of earbuds and was using them alongside to compare their richness for the vocal, I found this to be way more better than any other.

Order order! It’s verdict time guys

There have always been some plus and minus with each product but TOZO OpenEgo Open Earbuds is a perfect companion for you if you are someone who wants to enjoy music while being aware of your surroundings at the same time, enjoy rich sound quality music at the time of jogging, racing without worrying about its fitting or fall, or someone who loves to hear vocals podcast and low beat music this is the best pick for you. I would also mention those listeners who think that in ear design TWS earbuds hurt their ears after a week of usage or can be hazardous to them.

I am not recommending these earbuds for those who don’t want to give up on high-bass, beat music at the time of jogging, exercising, or maybe before starting work. If you are someone who listens to “Imagine Dragons’ Believer” and gets ready to work, better pick an in-ear design TWS earbuds or headphones because it may not be justice to these types of song listeners.

While you decide on it I recommend that all those who love slow music pick these buds and go to the park and play “A Man Without Love”. You will love hearing this on these earbuds and walking in the greenery.

If you want to buy TOZO OpenEgo Open Earbuds click here.

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