Named 10 Advances of 2021 That Will Change the Future

The world doesn’t standstill. It is constantly changing, transforming, becoming new and different. New technologies are penetrating into every area of our lives, be it entertainment, finances, or education. For example, there is a technology of augmented and alternative reality in online casino games Canada and video games or new types of vaccinations.  

Numerous foreign organizations each year try to make predictions about what the future holds: what technologies and trends will affect our lives. MIT Technology Review does the same – last year, its staff compiled a list of 10 technologies that, in their opinion, will change the future in the coming years. 

Safe Internet

It is unlikely that it can be made completely secure, but scientists say it can be protected from hacking by using quantum technologies. And scientists have already learned how to transmit encrypted data using paired photons. Just imagine what prospects, in this case, will open to both professionals and ordinary users.

Hyper Personalized Medicine

When medicine is fine-tuned to your genes, it will be much more effective. even the rarest of diseases can be treated this way – although it is still unclear who will take on the funding of such projects.

Digital Money

Cryptocurrencies are already quite well known, and in the future, they may become the main means of payment: they are better protected than other means of payment because they are based on a decentralized system that is almost impossible to break. Some countries, like China, are thinking about taking it to the state level, and El Salvador has already recognized cryptocurrency as an official means of payment.

Anti-Aging Drugs

Such drugs are aimed at combating age-related manifestations: the increasing risk of cancer and neurological disorders. The results of the first clinical trials were expected as early as last year, but those plans are probably now being revised.

Drugs Discovered by AI

The standard approach in developing new drugs is to find promising molecules-and for humans, that’s hard enough. But advances in machine-learning technology can make this process much faster – and cheaper.

Satellite Megastars

Launching commercial satellites is a promising technology that could provide most of the world’s population with an accessible Internet. The only major hurdle is accurate orbit synchronization, eliminating the possibility of collision.

Quantum Superiority

Quantum computers can handle tasks that classical machines can’t. The only thing left to do is to build them. And that’s quite difficult, given that the more elements it uses (i.e., the more powerful the computer becomes), the harder it is to maintain their quantum state – and, therefore, their operability. 

Small Volume

It’s not a question of size, but rather of the accompanying infrastructure. Usually, in the search for the right algorithms, you have to ramp up processing power and leverage more and more data – which means transferring it to a cloud service, which means reduced speed and potential threats to privacy. But research says things could change for the better.

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