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Female Hackers from around the world – Best 3

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The first thing that comes to our mind when someone says “Hacking” or “Hacker” is that a computer wizard who can simply take over our devices & can steal information. It’s a dream of a Tech-Enthusiast to become a Hacker.

We have managed to curate a list of Top 3 Female hackers from around the world:

1. Ying Cracker

She is a hacker based out of Shanghai, China. She is a professor and teaches the basics of Hacking. We say she is somewhat different, as she has never indulged in illegal activities. She also offers her services to big corporations and creates software for them to check the vulnerability. She does the testing of software for a fee.

2. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya

Kristina is one of the Top Notch Hackers who made her headlines not because she was a bright student from New York but for the hacking that cost millions of dollars.
She used the ZEUS Trojan horse and attacked several US bank accounts and then created fake accounts through Bank Of America and Wachovia. She was later arrested in 2011 bit was set out on a Bail Bond of $25000. It is estimated that she did a loss of about $3 Million.

3. Raven Adler

She is one of the renowned hackers, who got the chance to present herself at the Defcon which is one of the most prestigious gathering of hackers. She completed her school at just 14 and graduated at the age of 18. When she was asked about the presentation she said she should be known for her work in the field not as a symbol of sex.

She currently ads value to the community by being a lecturer, author and consultant on computer and data security.

This list was curated by us if you think we missed something feel free to email us.

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