Woman “slipped from her seat” on rollercoaster and fell 26 feet to her death

In a tragic rollercoaster accident, a woman fell out of her seat and unfortunately died.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, the unidentified 57-year-old died after falling off a ride at the Klotti Wildlife and Leisure park in Klotten, Germany, from a height of 26 feet.
According to sources, police were trying to discover on Monday whether the death on the ride “was an outcome of a third party’s negligence.”

The woman, who was from Sankt Wendel in the Saarland region of Germany, is claimed to have fallen off the rollercoaster carriage’s track onto the ground after sliding out of her seat as it took a turn.

Woman "slipped from her seat" on rollercoaster and fell 26 feet to her death

The rocky terrain near the ride is said to have complicated rescue operations, but there are still many questions about what caused the mishap and how it was handled.

Public prosecutors said they had asked for an autopsy in a statement released on Monday and claimed that “there is currently no initial suspicion of criminal conduct.”

In the days following the disaster, inspectors from Germany’s Technical Inspection Association (Technischer Überwachungsverein, or “TÜV”) examined the ride as well.

After suspending the park for three days, Klotti Park said last night that they would be welcoming tourists again on Tuesday. However, the ride in question will remain closed, despite allegedly receiving TÜV approval.

The statement read: “Starting tomorrow the 9th August 2022 we will reopen our Klotti park.

“Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the on-site investigations have ended and the roller coaster affected by the accident is opened for operation.

“Nevertheless, we decided to have the system inspected again by the TÜV as a precaution. Therefore, the roller coaster remains temporarily closed.”


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