Why hashtag ‘Bill Gates Quit India’ is trending on Twitter? Get the full story here

On July 31, Sunday Bill Gates Quit India hashtag has been surfing on the popular social media platform Twitter. A Twitter handle called Awaken India Movement has allegedly initiated a campaign on the co-founder of Microsoft and American entrepreneur Bill Gates to quit India. The billionaire duo Bill and Melinda Gates have collaborated with the Government of India with a mission to provide affordable health care and sanitation services. They created Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation worth $53.8 billion functional since 2000 to which Microsoft transferred $20 billion.

However, Awaken India Movement has initiated the Bill Gates Quit India campaign on Twitter and urged its followers to post tweets using the same hashtag. They posted on July 30, “We know the importance of getting a hashtag trended on Twitter. For that we need thousands of people posting the below mentioned hashtags on the same day at the same time.”

Surprisingly thousands of people started using the same hashtag saying “Bill Gates Quit India” and “WHO Quit India.” One of the Twitter handles even tagged Elon Musk and asked why their campaign is downgraded on the social media platform. He even called Elon Musk “the puppets” ignoring the fact that Musk has recently rejected the Twitter deal.

The Twitter handle by Siddharth Shukla said, “@Elon Musk @Twitter- what happened to the free speech? Why hashtag WHO QuitIndia Bill Gates QuitIndia disappearing from the trends? It has crossed 6000 tweets and were in top 10 with 4.5k tweets! Are you also the puppets?”

Another Twitter handle posted a screenshot regarding the campaign’s trend with 4,509 tweets while the Twitter handle that initiated the whole campaign posted a screenshot of their campaign trending at 5,723 tweets.

Some Twitter handles are observed to share a fragment of a video that is allegedly accusing the Bill Gates Foundation of conducting vaccine trials on tribal people.

Awaken India Movement has been founded on 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, governed by a National Steering Committee comprised of several individuals of different expertise. They claim to have formed a team that works on virus research, virus tests, effects of wearing masks, vaccine research, and more initiatives attributed to tackling the pandemic situation.

They said on their blog, “We have teams working on Virus Research, Virus Tests, Vaccine Research, Pandemic Act Protocols, Lockdown Effects, Masks, Sanitizers & Social Distancing Research, 5G Research, RTI, Integrative Medicine, Media and Content Design and are particularly concerned about the health, financial and ecological crisis that Humanity is facing now.”

They have claimed to create awareness among “fellow citizens” and “policymakers” with the aim of “awaken and empower Indians with information that will better their lives and help them build a secure and resilient nation. Our efforts are to grow nationwide networks of like-minded individuals, from every socio-economic, religious, and cultural community.” They have also added that they are not part of any political party.

However, they have enlisted their demands such as No Lockdowns, No Mandatory Masks, No Mandatory Social Distancing, No Mandatory Testing, No Mandatory Vaccines, No to GMO foods, No 5G, No Tech censorship, No New Normal, and No Great Reset to their website.

The website and its Twitter handle can be observed to promote content criticizing the nationwide effort to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic with alternate truths. They have also posted several videos negating the efforts of GOI-approved vaccination. They have shared tweets calling the World Health Organization as “World Harassment Organization.” They claimed that WHO can not take responsibility for themselves how can they take responsibility for others as WHO’s achievements are “ILL HEALTH” and “DEATH,” along with sharing a picture containing a girl getting a respiratory illness from vaccination in Bengaluru.

Awaken India Movement’s Twitter handle even claimed “BigPharma” of making money out of vaccination, masking, and COVID-19 test regulations by saying, “Lockdowns, Tests, Jabs, Tests, Masks, Tests, Passports, Tests, Climate and Big Pharma and their salesmen making plenty of money. People bowing down in compliance, not seeing reality. We want Peace and Abundance in our Communities.”

Awaken India Movement’s campaign hashtag Bill Gates Quit India is trending on Twitter with 2,802 tweets and alternate study believers and anti-vaxers are flocking to the social media platform to share the same.