Data revealed by Facebook will help in forecasting the spread of COVID-19

With help from Facebook, researchers can now predict whether people are staying at home or not. It can also help researchers in knowing the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

This may scare some about their privacy being tarnished. However, Facebook stated they only shared the data as a whole not for individual users.

Google – another Tech giant also announced last week that they will be sharing the data to help researchers check if people are maintaining social distancing.

Last Monday, Facebook revealed that it had published three types of disease prevention map for COVID-19. The first Map shows the probable data if an infected person came in contact with another. The second type of Map will show probable data if people are staying at home or not, that is maintaining social distancing. The third type of map will give an approx. data on how many people traveled from one country to another.

Facebook is also teaming up with Carnegie Mellon University Delphi Research Center, to conduct 2-3 minutes survey to report any symptoms.