Rajasthan’s Corona update site hack, Pak expected to be behind this

Rajasthan which is fighting its battle against coronavirus, recently got its website hacked which was giving an update on COVID-19. As soon as the news of this matter started, the state government was disturbed. It is feared that the Rajasthan government’s Corona update information site has been hacked from Pakistan.

The Covid-19 information site was made by the Government of Rajasthan (Covid-19 Information Rajasthan Government) and was updated every day. It was giving information about the status of Corona in the state of Rajasthan to the people of the country and the state. But when the site was hacked late night of 9th May 2020, a message appeared on the site. In the message, it stated- Site Hack (Hacked By Hilman 4TX) was written by Hillman FourTX.

Site management department

No updates related to Corona have been found since the site was hacked. However, to improve the site, the IT department of the state government has started working on it.

Right now we see a message on the website that it states we will be back soon



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