Anonymous Collective ruled and defaced a Chinese government website

On August 1st, an anonymous collective defaced a Chinese government website. The website was defaced by the hacktivist after multiple DDoS attacks happened on the Taiwanese presidential website. This whole thing happened over the recent visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. She is one of the first major US politicians to land on Taiwanese soil after a decade.

China in protest showed military aggression by showing off multiple videos of its army on WeChat and other social media platforms in china. China even gave stern warnings to the USA over Pelosi’s visit.

We were able to get the web archive of the defaced page belonging to China’s Heilongjiang Society Scientific Community Federation website.

China’s Heilongjiang Society Scientific Community Federation website was defaced by the collective with the message Taiwan Numbah Wan!

The first image that appears is the Anonymous logo, followed by the “Taiwan Numbah Wan!” meme.

The national flag and national emblem of Taiwan were displayed beneath the catchphrase. Pelosi and Tsai’s pictures were next, followed by the phrase “Taiwan greets US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi!”

The group then included the music video for “Fragile,” a Mandopop song performed by Australian vocalist Kimberley Chen and Malaysian rapper Namewee. The national anthem of Taiwan is played in a video that follows this.

The anonymous collective has been running the campaign against all the aggressor states. Several leaks have since been posted on the DDoSecrets website.


@DepaixPorteur has confirmed to us that he wasn’t involved in the hack, he even further stated that someone used his name for this hack. He said “Yeah I had nothing to do with it, no clue who did it, and would just appreciate if you removed my name from the article”