$800 Million will be donated by Google for Corona Virus Relief and will also include ad credits

In a recent turn of events, Google came forward by announcing a whooping $800 million+ as donation. Google has also stated that they will support small and medium businesses (SMBs), health organizations and governments, and health workers both via cash and ad credits.

The fund includes $250 million ad grants to World Health Organisation and other government organisations to provide information on combating COVID-19’s spread.

It will also include ad credit worth $340 Million towards Small and Medium businesses (SMBs). This will be given to those who had an active account since last year. This offer will be notified in there account and can be utilized by the end of the year.

Also there will be $20 Million has been allocated towards researchers using Google Cloud to study vaccines, therapies, and other data to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Google has also pledged in donating 2-3 Million face masks in the following weeks to come.

Google has been showing its best to help and support in this difficult times, when everone is trying to fight this dangereous virus that is COVID-19 (Corona Virus).