Old alleged leader responsible for the theft of more than 5,000 cars ARRESTED!

Everyone is aware of how serious a problem car theft is in India. Even parking in a designated space for cars causes fear in people. However, there is some relief to the issue here. On August 23, the special staff of the Central Delhi police detained a 52-year-old alleged leader of an auto theft ring who is accused of being responsible for the theft of more than 5,000 vehicles throughout India. In his hands, according to the police, were illegal rifles and ammo. Anil Chauhan, an Assamese native who is charged, allegedly participated in 180 criminal instances in the past, including smuggling rhino horn and illegally carrying weapons.

As part of a district-wide effort to stop the smuggling of weapons, the police said they had obtained confidential information about the accused’s arrival in the DBG road station area. Based on the knowledge, a team then captured him. A stolen motorcycle, an illegal country-made weapon, two live rounds, five more illegal country-made guns and ammunition, as well as a stolen automobile, were later found on his property. The accused, a former Class-I contractor for the Assam government, allegedly has a lengthy criminal history going back more than 20 years, according to the police.

Shweta Chauhan, DCP (Central), said: “He had been stealing vehicles since 1998, and had been arrested and jailed various times. He had been previously convicted for five years in a criminal case at the Nizamuddin police station. He was also arrested by the Assam Police along with an MLA in 2015. He is also known as a rhinoceros horn smuggler in Assam. Investigation of the case is underway.”



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