Instagram to give more control to parents by adding this new cool feature

Today’s generation is changing rapidly. Earlier in this age, people were not able to use their phones well. At this age, even smaller kids of five to six years old, are using social media as a play toy.

The craze of social networking sites, YouTube, and free-fire games has increased among children.

All of these have some disadvantages and exceptions too. Keeping this in mind, Instagram has taken a new initiative. Recently, Instagram launched Parental Supervision Controls and Family Centre. The company claimed it is designed to protect young users by helping parents and guardians get more involved in their kids’ experiences on Instagram.

With the help of this Centre, parents can view what accounts their kids follow and who has followed them, and receive notifications about any accounts they have reported on the platform it means parents and guardians can access their children’s resources about social media.

It launched in the US in March this year. Meta, the company that owns Instagram and Facebook, said it is working with experts, parents, guardians, and young people in India to understand needs. We hope this service will start in India soon.

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