‘JEOPARDY!’ NBC Describes Champ As A “Lesbian Tutor”

The social media team at NBC News might use Elon Musk’s proposed edit tool on a post about the current “Jeopardy!” champ, all because they concentrated on her sexuality and job description, confounding and even angering many Twitter users.

Mattea Roach has won 17 consecutive games, which ranks eighth all-time, qualifying for the game show’s Tournament of Champions and boosting her total wins to $396,182… but in an article about her accomplishments, NBC News chose to accentuate the fact that she is a “lesbian tutor.”

'JEOPARDY!' NBC Describes Champ As A "Lesbian Tutor"

The contentious tweet was sent out to NBC News’ 9 million followers on Friday, with many people reacting negatively to the “lesbian tutor” description, expressing surprise and even outrage.

One user’s hilarious response … “Oh ffs. What on earth is a lesbian tutor? You mean she helps people become better lesbians? Be better @NBCNews & know that this incredible woman’s sexuality has absolutely no bearing on her amazing @Jeopardy streak & smarts!”

As of this writing, the tweet is still live, and it doesn’t get any better when you click the link… “Mattea Roach becomes latest LGBTQ ‘Jeopardy!’ superstar,” reads the headline on NBC News.

On the show, Mattea hasn’t even revealed her sexuality… “According to her Twitter account,” she is a lesbian, according to NBC. The irony, oh the irony.