Elon Musk compares gasoline cars with the steam engines from the past, for the coming future of the world

Elon Musk, just tweeted about how quickly the gasoline cars’ era is going to come to an end, and will be thereafter replaced by electric cars. Well, a recent twitter post by Musk, indirectly claimed about the thought, however, he did not directly bring up the introduction of the electric cars in his series of tweet threads. The entrepreneur mentioned how the steam engines are now just talked about as “a machinery in the past” and vanished away right after the petrol and diesel infused vehicles took over its position.

To those who fail to get the point made by Elon Musk here, earlier in the era, steam engines were used very frequently. They were there in every machinery, every vehicle people drove upon the road. However, with regards to the time, and the growing journey, these engines started fading away. The era was slowly finished when gasoline cars came by. Now, all we see are the petrol and diesel cars showing up everywhere.

And now, to promote the newly made electric cars, Elon has hit it at the right spot by comparing the steam engines’ era with the current one. Just like the cost to run the steam engines used to be too high to keep them moving, similarly, in the present time, the expenses to run gasoline cars or vehicles are no less to be honest.

Following his own tweet, Elon further tweeted that the residual value of gasoline cars will be much lower than what people actually think and how effectively the electric cars are going to run once they come in motion.

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