Finally, the Wait is Over, WhatsApp is Getting Emoji Reactions

It has finally been confirmed after a long wait and numerous leaks about the launch of emoji reactions on Whatsapp. On Thursday, WhatsApp announced the addition of emoji reactions to its messaging app, allowing you to convey your sentiments about a message without having to send an individual emoji. Emojis such as thumbs up, heart, smiling face, surprised face, prayer hands, and sobbing face will be available to respond to WhatsApp messages.

Finally, the wait is Over, WhatsApp is getting emoji reactions

Although reactions were introduced alongside the company’s new communities feature, Meta spokesperson Joshua Breckman said that they will be available on all chats once they launch, which is expected soon. To begin, the feature will be limited, allowing you to respond with only six emojis (though, in my opinion, WhatsApp has picked most of the important ones). WhatsApp’s CEO, Will Cathcart, has stated that the app will support all emojis and skin tones in the future.

The presentation, however, was not only about the emoji reactions, but also about a slew of other new features, including long-awaited communities. Admin access to delete unwanted communications, increased file sharing and a large number of participants on a single audio call are all available.

WhatsApp will also enable a chat group’s administrator to erase messages at any moment. According to a corporate spokesman, the erased communication would not be visible to any group members. According to some sources, they have added an option that allows users to restrict who can see their ‘Last Scene’ status. WhatsApp users will be able to dictate messages using smart glasses shortly. The feature appears to be connected to Facebook Assistant and will only work with Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.