Elon Musk tweets about Tesla Solar Panel Tiles; Know more

To begin with, Solar Roof is made up of tempered glass tiles with solar cells inside that can produce solar energy. The installation takes place in just four days


A Tesla Solar Roof owner Jason Lassen who is building a house in Wisconsin, has shared a video of how his Tesla Solar roof tiles got rid off a heavy snowfall. Lassen’s now viral video which is also retweeted by Elon Musk himself, shows the before and after of the snowstorm.



In the video, based on his experience he explains that he wanted to observe how much time does it take for the snow to fall off the roof.In the same video he explains how the melted snow flows towards the gutter from both sides. In the video, he compares his Tesla Solar Roof to that of neighbors explaining that it can be seen that the snow accumulated briefly before sliding off while the other houses and that the neighbors still had snow on their roofs.


Here is the link of the video: