TikTok owner launches e-commerce site Dmonstudio

Dmonstudio is an e-commerce site exclusively for women.

TikTok owner launches e-commerce site Dmonstudio. Bytedance is the owner of Tiktok. Tiktok is a short video platform.

TikTok owner launches e-commerce Dmonstudio: facts 

However, the exact relationship between Bytedance and Tiktok is neither revealed nor known with certainty. Although, technode tags the e-commerce’s business lead of Bytedance as the head of the project of e-commerce site, Dmonstudio. Additionally, It belongs to a project called, ‘S-level’. We may say that TikTok owner launches e-commerce site Dmonstudio.

Thus, Bytedance’s global e-commerce reach is steadily increasing.

What does Dmonstudio offer?

Dmonstudio is an e-commerce site that exclusively deals in women’s apparels and accessories.

It’s website style and dealing particularly in women’s apparels and accessories is similar to that of Shein. Also, they target western clothing.

Dmonstudio is expanding its range to more than 100 countries. It’s available across North America, Europe and the middle east. The window of delivery time is between 5-15 days.

Dmonstudio’s similarity with Shein

Shein is an e-commerce site that deals cross border. It has a valuaton of above $50 billion.

Shein is popular across the world. However, it has not been able to do well in South Asia. Earlier, Jack Ma’s Alibaba launched AllyLikes. It has a similar interface and deals in women’s western apparels and accessories. Moreover, Alibaba’s intentions are to compete with Shein.

The domain for Dmonstudio was registered on 3rd November 2021.

Domain names of Dmonstudio

Currently, Dmonstudio is operating under two major domain names: