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Interviews Covid-19 impact: Demand for smart gadgets will surge in the post- COVID-19...

Covid-19 impact: Demand for smart gadgets will surge in the post- COVID-19 World

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There are so many inventions. Among these inventions, electronic gadgets are prominent. Gadgets are instruments that have made human life very easy. Time and again proves to nothing less than a blessing for the human race. Gadgets play a very important role in our lives. As we get up in the morning we need an alarm clock to wake up. Till the night we are bounded with the gadgets. Without the gadgets, we cannot imagine our lives. We use gadgets in each and every action. Like we want to purchase groceries and we need to the online payment we need a smartphone to make the online payment. The gadgets have become an essential part of our lives. Surviving without gadgets is the most impossible thing in today’s scenario.

The prevailing pandemic is one such example. With everything going digital it is impossible to live without gadgets. Technology cannot prevent the onset of the pandemics; however, it can help prevent the spread, educate, warn, and empower those on the ground to be aware of the situation, and noticeably lessen the impact. Today, technologies and gadgets like mobile, smart watches and fitness trackers, etc have become possible to test several innovative approaches to the pandemic response. 

Some of the ways how gadgets play a vital role in post-COVID-19 World – 

1. Life helper and optimizer

Gadgets not only make our daily life more versatile and effective, but they also contribute to increasing our standard of living. New devices like smart watches and fitness trackers can protect people from various diseases by the timely dedication of it. Nowadays smart watches enable features like heart rate monitoring, pulse monitoring. These trackers also help in regularizing the diets. 

2. Able to recognize

With the help of smart gadgets, one can easily detect the crime with the help of CCTVs connecting to gadgets. We can also find the places if we are not aware of the locations with the help of GPS and Location Tracker. The gadgets played a significant role in the surveillance and security purposes. With the outbreak of COVI-19, Gadgets are also helping in monitoring the COVID-19 containment zones. 

3. Reduces Distances

It gives the family joy and nobody must sit apart and experience the pain of separation now. With the advent of devices such as computers, cell phones, the camera now one can do the Video Calls, Voice calls any time anywhere. Thus, smart gadgets play a vital role in reducing distancing and bringing near and dears closer who are sitting far from us. 

4. Enabler of a seamless transition 

With education, landscape changing every day, and teaching pedagogy shifting to online modules gadgets is nothing less than a blessing. With the advent of a computer, laptops, Ipads, or even mobile phones our country seamlessly adopted the E-learning modules. 

5. Remote working technologies to support social distancing and maintain business continuity

As the prevailing pandemic threatening the business world, working from home ensures business continuity as well as facilitates social distancing. In such a scenario, technologies that enable secure access to data, enterprise applications, virtual meetings, cloud conferencing, and virtual/mixed/augmented reality are the forefront leaders to ensure deliverables are not impacted. Remote working is a blessing that comes due to technology and smart gadgets and is of one the greatest solution that helps us in social distancing. 

Indeed, the technology has advanced more and will continue to advance exponentially, but the human institutions and societies need to accelerate in adapting to it and continue investing in building the technology systems for the preparedness. It is quite evident that in the post-COVID-19 World new technologies and gadgets will play a crucial role in the seamless working of every industry.

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