Supreme Court judge articulates discontentment with WhatsApp messages received on his phone

Justice S K Kaul of the Supreme Court expressed his displeasure on Tuesday with some investors who were supposedly tricked by a company that sent him WhatsApp messages, and advised that if they do not stop, he will take a “serious view” and recuse himself from hearing the case.

Justice Kaul, who is presiding over the case in which the firm is alleged of collecting Rs.5,600 crore as a deposit from investors, stated in February of this year that he does not want to receive WhatsApp messages about the case from the litigants.

Justice Kaul, alongwith Justice A S Oka, informed the lawyer who appeared for the investors, “I will take a serious view. They keep violating what I have been saying earlier, My mobile is not meant for WhatsApp. I will just send the proceeding off. I had mentioned earlier, I did not take any action,” Adding on to it, he said, “please stop doing this otherwise I will recuse myself. Do not try this”.

The bench was informed during the hearing that one of the participants had begun circulating a letter requesting an adjudication. On November 10, the Supreme Court scheduled a hearing on the case. The company is accused of duping investors by trying to lure them into gold-saving schemes.


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