2 programming languages guaranteeing landing in big tech companies, even for non-engineers

Evergreen programming languages are-

  • Java
  • Python

There are a few more but here we are going to detail about, “how commanding over these two great programming languages may land you to your dream job, even if you aim for Big Tech”.

No doubt in saying that IT companies are paying very well to their employees as compared to other professions where employees are not paid enough according to the efforts they made or how much they sweat. But there lies a  myth that only Engineers are able to join these IT professions like developer, database administrator, data scientist, etc. Anyone with knowledge of programming language, where Java and Python are the widely used industrial programming language can aim for these IT posts.

As Java and Python are dominating in IT industries, let’s talk about in detail one by one-


The wide application of java makes it a versatile programming language for many years.  Java application extends from Mobile Application, Desktop GUI, Web-based application to server-based application.

Java is used in different fields like- Science, Enterprise, Gaming, Big Data, Cloud-based, Distributed systems.

You can find Java on over 3 billion devices! according to Oracle.

Major characteristics of Java that makes it most popular-

  • platform-independent – can work on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc
  • object-oriented – allows code reusability and clear programming structure follows OOPs
  • simplicity – easy to learn and code
  • concurrency – allows multiple statements to execute simultaneously
  • security- java is secure and fast
  • open-source – free language with the wide community to support

Java is used by almost all IT companies, few giants are – Google, Airbnb, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Pinterest,


The popular and most fascinating programming language in terms of its syntax is Python. The major factor that there is huge acceptability of Python is because of its simple programming syntax than other programming languages that have tough syntax. It is called “developer-friendly language”.

Python is a trending language as it suites with all current and future technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data visualization, Business Intelligence, SEO, design, Game development, etc.

Major characteristics of Python that makes it an ideal programming language-

  • easy – as compared to most of the coding languages
  • simple syntax – more like English, easy to read and understand
  • object-oriented – allows code reusability and clear programming structure follows OOPs
  • interpreted – easier to debug
  • platform-independent – can work on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc
  • GUI support – Graphical User Interface can be made through different modules of Python
  • open-source – free language with the wide community to support
  • libraries – Python has a large set of libraries for different functionalities that reduces code complexity
  • dynamic nature – Python is a dynamically-typed language


NASA, IBM, Google, Netflix, Spotify, Pixar, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, Intel, and countless more all use the language to help power their services. Python is among one of the 4 major languages at Google and also Google’s youtube is majorly coded on Python.


Confused which to choose between Java and Python?

These key differences may help you-

  • Java is compiled whereas Python is interpreted- that means error checking or debugging in python is simple.
  • Java is statically typed whereas python is dynamically typed – again its easier to go with python
  • Java has complex learning curve than Python
  • Java offers more security than Python
  • Java is preferred for Desktop GUI apps, Embed Systems, Web application services, etc whereas Python is used for scientific and mathematical systems, Machine learning, etc.





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