Twitter meme reminds moments when Huawei was accused of Spying

A gif meme about Huawei phones and the Chinese government that was posted on Twitter today would make one recall the moments when Huawei was under spying accusations by International agencies. 

Back in December 2021, Chinese Spies were accused of using Huawei in Secret Australia Telecom Hack. The U.S government till then had warned the world many times about Huawei Technologies Co. The U.S government used to state that the company posed a national risk to each country who used Huawei’s products. 

U.S security officials tracked a decade old breach that happened in the year 2012. Through the breach the U.S officials updated that there was a breach in their telecommunications system. They asserted back then that the intrusion happened after a software update from Huawei, which was accompanied with malicious code. 

Nearly two dozen security officials confirmed this breach by collecting briefings from security officials of Australia and U.S involved in the matter from 2012 to 2019. This incident initiated suspicions in both the nations that China was using Huawei equipments as a catalyst for espionage. Additionally it remained as a core part of the case that the officials were building against China. 

There exists many more incidents of Huawei being accused of spying for the Chines government. 

Moreover, Huawei technologies were also sued at times after their phones exploded. 

The meme posted on Twitter, thus signifies both these relations of Huawei with the activities demonstrated.