Twitter is buzzing as Elon Musk posts status related to Tesla HVAC with HEPA filters : Here’s what’s happening on the Internet

An account that goes by the name of Elon Musk Quotes posted “We will make super-efficient home HVAC with HEPA filters one day.” @elonmusk on Tesla. This was probably posted as a reminder of Elon Musk’s Twitter post/status in 2020. In that post/status, Musk had said the same thing.

Regarding the recent status of Elon Musk Quotes, the billionaire Elon Musk replied from his official account. His reply read ‘It will happen. As soon as users on Twitter read this, they started bombarding the post with comments. The post is actually a status reply. It has 162 retweets. It has 33 Quote tweets. It has also received 3130 likes.

The brand Tesla hopes to provide high-efficiency HEPA air filtration with HVAC home systems someday soon. Musk seemed confident that it would happen. Tesla has already ventured into the business of home energy and power generation. HVAC is a logical solution and extension of Tesla’s established business in the home sector. These systems can actually be a benefit to homes and their energy efficiency. Tesla can attract customers by providing HVAC efficiency and its results whenever they start doing it. The HEPA filter is a serious matter for the brand as it is ten times more efficient as compared to other automotive filters. Musk’s Tesla is aiming towards reducing the impact on the environment through its products. With HVAC and HEPA, it aims to become more energy efficient and environment-friendly.

What has caused hype on Twitter might also remain a dream. If what Elon Musk has said holds true then time will tell the truth. Tesla’s work in this area shall be viewed in the upcoming future by the target audience.


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