In Australia, Oppo has answered to Nokia Lawsuit

Oppo is under fire in Australia according to the report claimed this week. Nokia is suing the company for violating its 4G and 5G technology. Oppo spokesperson has issued a statement with the related issue.

Oppo and OnePlus have already been pushed out by Nokia from the German market. Now Nokia is suing oppo in other markets. Nokia has sued OPPO in Australia and other markets. According to the report, this can also result in a ban on the sale of OPPO mobiles in other markets too.

In multiple markets across Europe and Asia, Noia has filed patent infringement complaints against oppo. Nokia has secured a multi-year patent deal with OPPO in 2018 which expires in 2021.

The Spokesperson of OPPO has issued a statement that stated that the company wasn’t notified of any legal actions against OPPO in Australia. They will continue to operate normally in all markets except for Germany, where the sales and marketing of products affected by this legal case are temporarily on hold. They have also mentioned that they are proactively negotiating with Nokia and will continue working diligently to resolve this matter fairly. 


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