Solution for changing your phone number on outlook

There is no official site outlook where you can change your phone number.

To solve that problem read this article till the end.

By following the below-mentioned steps you can change your outlook number with ease.

The phone number inserted in outlook can turn out to be a problem if you entered the wrong phone number, or changed your number after uploading it in outlook.

It is challenging to change your number on outlook as it does not have any specific page for this sole purpose.

Following are the steps that you must follow to change your phone number on outlook.

Step -1: Launch the outlook web page.

Step -2: Click on the profile symbol on the website placed on the top right corner of the site for accessing your Account manager.

Step -3: From the dropdown menu select My Profile.

Step -4: Select the Your Info tab on the top.

Step -5: Log back into your account after selecting Edit account info on the new page.

Step -6: Remove the desired phone number, for updating your phone number you must delete the previous number.

Step -7: Click on add a new number.

Step -8: Enter your new phone number and then click next.

Step -9: Enter the verification code received on the new number.

Step -10: After completing all the above-mentioned steps, you have updated your phone number.

Step -11: It is not necessary to remove the old number, instead you can add a new number and make it the primary number for your account.


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