Here’s the Difference between a TFT and an LCD Display Screen

There are different types of display screens available now and two among them are the TFT display screens and the LCD display screens.

This article is going to compare the two display screens and find the difference between the two.

What are TFT and LCD Display Screens?

LCD displays were created as an alternative to the CRT display screens which were big and bulky when compared to the later LCD displays. It stands for Liquid Crystal Display.

LCD displays can be divided into two – monochrome LCD displays and colour LCD displays. The colour LCD displays can again be divided into two and the TFT display is one of the two colours LCD displays. STN or Super Twisted Nematic display is the other type of LCD colour display.

As mentioned, a TFT display is a kind of colour LCD display which uses thin film transistors in order to produce images with more quality. TFT stands for thin film transistors.

The elements of the TFT are placed directly on the glass substrate while the traditional method involves the process of producing silicon transistors.

So what is the difference between the two display screens?

The Difference Between a TFT and an LCD Display Screen

The images produced on TFT display screens are much better when compared to the images produced on an LCD screen. In the case of a TFT screen, the images produced will also not be prone to any crosstalk.

The TFT screens also require only less charge when compared to the LCD display screens to get activated. LCD screens, on the other hand, will use or consume more charge to work properly because of using traditional methods.

So comparing both the display screens, a TFT display is better than a normal LCD display.



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