TikTok App rating has increased to 1.6 on the play store

TikTok’s appraising on the Google Play Store as of now remains at 1.6 stars. The application that has seen such a great amount of achievement in India got pounded by supporters of well known Indian YouTuber CarryMinati.

The news also buzzed about how TikTok got 1 million reviews removed from google play store after it got multiple bad reviews. The fight between platforms TikTok vs Youtube is still ongoing where users from each of the platforms try to show they are better from one another.

Indians have additionally scrutinized the short video application for permitting a disputable video of well known TikTok maker Faizal Siddiqui to stay on the stage. The video shows Faizal reenacting and extolling a corrosive assault.

Be that as it may, TikTok suspended Faizal’s record after the video pulled in analysis from the National Commission for Women, famous people, and government officials. TikTok’s evaluating has since dropped on Apple’s App Store too, going from 4.5 stars to 3.5 stars.