Copying text from images is now possible by New Windows PowerToy OCR tool

PowerOCR, a new tool coming to Microsoft PowerToys, enables you to choose text in an image and copy it straight to the Windows clipboard.

Joseph Finney, a Windows app/utility developer, is producing the new PowerToy. On July 4th, he sent a “pull request” introducing the new PowerOCR tool he was developing. With the assistance of other volunteer developers and Microsoft staff, PowerOCR has experienced quick development as it is built on the already released Text Grab software.

The utility is almost finished, according to the PowerOCR pull request (PR), which is being examined and polished by a Microsoft employee and another software developer. PowerOCR’s release date is unknown, but its fundamental functionality seems to be finished, thus it’s possible that it will happen soon.

PowerOCR will be a great addition to PowerToys, especially in light of the fact that other operating systems offer comparable features at the system level. For instance, iOS lets you extract text from any image, and the future iOS 16 update will make it possible to do so for movies as well.

It will be much simpler to extract text from photographs and utilise it right away in your applications if you have a tool like PowerOCR available on your desktop.

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