Samsung Wireless Power Bank review: Fast wireless charging, available at price Rs 3,699

Wireless power bank is definitely not another idea, yet Samsung Wireless Power bank (Qi standard) draws a great amount of attention because of its build quality alongside the fast charging ability. Most power banks are rectangular fit as a fiddle, made of either metal or plastic coming in with ports, LED button and a button. Samsung Wireless Power Bank is the same, however it has a top notch look and feel contrasted with different options available for the customers in the market.

The metal gadget has a delicate rubberised finish at the top. This will avoid sudden slips There is additionally a circular grip that features the charging area. A USB port alongside Type C, LED pointers and a power button are there on the top board. The power bank is available in silver color too. At 234 grams, this 10000mAh battery pack does not feel too heavy to hold.

Are all power banks same?

Samsung Wireless Power Bank tends to disagree. While one can quickly charge a phone by connecting it to the port, one can likewise use the wireless option with quick charging. One can charge two gadgets simultaneously – one with cable and the other wirelessly – at the typical speed, that is, without fast charging.

For wireless charging, all one needs to do was place the compatible device on the top of the circular base. Nonetheless, while the normal wired charging begins automatically (when the gadget is connected), the wireless charging does not. When setting the Qi-empowered gadget on the Power Bank, one needs to manually press the top button of the Power Bank for the gadget to begin charging.

The Samsung power bank offers better and quick wireless charging compared to some of the wireless chargers accessible in the market.

Originating from Samsung, the Wireless Power Bank isn’t confined to the Galaxy ecosystem. With regards to wireless charging, it brings about the ideal result with any semblance of Galaxy S10, yet in addition practically all Qi-good gadgets. One can try with different gadgets including the iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3XL and AirPods.

The power bank surface had the option to charge the iPhone XS even with the rear protection case snapped on. It effectively charges the Apple AirPods as well.

The Samsung Wireless Power Bank is an ideal partner for your premium cell phones and frill. One may contend that battery packs are accessible at costs as low as Rs 499, however premium form quality and features, for example, wireless fast charging legitimize the tag price of Rs 3,699.