Apple’s new iOS arriving next week: How to download and caution

iOS 15.4 is launching next week.

Apple‘s new iOS arriving next week. Currently, Apple’s first event of the year is going on. On Tuesday, the company announces that it will release a new iOS, 15.4 in the upcoming week.

iOS is the fourth update to iOS 15. While, the iOS 15 launches in India in September along with iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Moreover, it becomes available on iPhone SE after it. Then, in December, iOS update 15.1 releases.

Now, iOS 15.4 will follow the update iOS 15.3.1. The latter is a release to patch a security loophole in iPhones and iPads.

Details about Apple’s new iOS and its release date

iOS 15.4 has 5 beta versions. It introduces AirTag, anti-stalking alerts, a gender neutral voice option for siri, new emoji, updates to Face ID, and universal control.

The newest version is rolling out next week and shall become available for download. The company does not announce the exact date for the release. However, it says the new update will be available for download in free.

How to download it and cautions to keep in mind:

Follow the steps to download:

  1. Firstly, sign up for Apple’s Beta Software Program.
  2. Then, download the configuration profile from Apple.
  3. Afterwards, go to Settings> General > Software Update
  4. Further, click on download and install.

Now, for a word of caution. It is recommended to use secondary and tester devices. The update may be buggy. It can affect battery life and stability of applications adversely.