Tesla to prioritise same-hour service, now applying Formula 1 pit crew techniques

Elon Mask recently tweeted on Twitter that he is excited to work with Tesla Service. This suggests enhancement in the functionality of Tesla Service. The tweet also mentioned that this effort to work with Tesla Service is to enable same-hour service as often as possible. They are trying to apply the techniques of Formula 1 pit crew to Teslas. 

Tesla has been transforming and developing itself drastically over the years. 

They have faced amazing performances in their deliveries to the extent where their infrastructure growth was facing it hard to keep up at a time. 

Consequently, the service sector of Tesla had to face pressures on grounds of service capacity. Complications ranged from distance i.e., far away service centers to delay of appointments that even take weeks at times. 

In the month June, when Elon Musk was questioned on service grounds, he asserted that Tesla has been improving reliability in order to cut down the requirement of service very often. In the year 2020, Tesla opened a number of service stations. In the month of June, Musk also informed that they Tesla was working on improving service in North America. He also tweeted that their goal was to make sure that 2/3 of cars receives same day service. 

With the recent Tweet, Tesla stakeholders and consumers can hope for a fast service accessibility patterns.