Are Telecom Operators now blocking Chinese Apps in India?

As government of India banned around 59 Apps from china, and has issued the list of the same. A lot of users were still able access these apps and also created confusion among masses that whether they can still access the apps or not.

The 59 Chinese applications restricted by the government on Monday will be obstructed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India, and clients who have downloaded them won’t get refreshes, a senior government official said. While that sounds a great deal like the governments’s prohibition on pornography sites, which additionally occurs through ISPs, it’s muddled what “not getting refreshes” mean.

Almost certainly, Apple and Google won’t be permitted to list the applications on their application stores in the nation. Restricting through ISPs however implies that utilizing virtual private systems (VPNs) may in any case let clients get to these applications and administrations.