Are Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE for 5G next in line for Indias ban

According to a recent situation taking place in the Galwan valley, the Indian government took a bold step to put a ban on 59 Chinese apps in India due to concerns over privacy issues in the apps.

The Government has started conferences at the most significant level to settle on the utilization of 5G innovation, which is viewed as an antecedent to a potential bar on the utilization of hardware from Chinese organizations, for example, those sold by Huawei when India reveals the rapid system.

Top clergymen talked about the issue at a gathering on Monday. The discussions joined the conversation to square 59 Chinese applications, which are confronting charges of sneaking around on a huge number of clueless clients and wrongfully transmitting the information to China.

Trump administration has already put a ban on the Chinese tech giant Huawei already and is also trying to include other trade partners such as UK and India to follow its path of banning the same.