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William Penn launches PENNLINE SUPERBOOK

Why carry a separate notepad, a pen, a USB drive, a card holder and a charger, when you can
carry them all in one organizer? Make your life easier with the PennlineSuperbook – the
Notebook Powerbank Organizer which can charge your phone wirelessly.

The PennlineSuperbook, with a built-in 8000mAh wireless powerbank and 16 GB flash
drive is designed to charge your phone/tablet on the go, so that you never have to pause to look
for a wall socket or a separate power bank.

This notebook power-bank organizer can charge your phone in anyone of the following 3 ways:

  1. Through a wire connected to the pop-up charging port
  2. Wirelessly by placing the phone on top of the organizer. OR
  3. By inserting the phone in the phone-holder.
    The third option allows you to charge the phone even while on the move.
    The inside of the Superbook has a facility that allows you to place the phone vertically for
    watching your favorite web series! There are dedicated slots for your pen, credit cards, bills and
    important papers. Included in the package is an A5 size, 192 page hardbound Pennline paper
    notebook. This notebook can be replaced once it is used up.
    This versatile organizer comes with a tangle-free nylon braided 3-in-1 charging cable (Apple,
    Android and C-Type). The cable can be used for both – charging the organizer and charging your
    Superbook combines 5 essential benefits in one product. You can:
    ● Charge your phone – wirelessly and through a wire using the 8000 mAhpowerbank.
    ● Carry your phone hands-free while charging it
    ● Use the 16GB USB flash drive
    ● Store pretty much all your essentials – credit cards, visiting cards, a pen, currency and miscellaneous
    sheets of paper.
    ● Take notes on premium paper!
    An ideal companion that allows you to be on the move throughout the day while working
    seamlessly. It is also a thoughtful and practical gift: for corporates or any other personal celebration
    and can be personalized too!

The PENNLINE SUPERBOOK-notebook organizer from William Penn is priced at Rs.7500/

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