Why Should Brands Invest in Enterprise SEO to Dominate Search Engine Results?

While many SEO basics are common for all, devising a comprehensive SEO plan for a large-scale business is very different from that of an SME. In SEO terminology, the number of web pages on the business website or portal is the primary determinant of the company’s stature. It directly decides the type of SEO roadmap to be charted. Enterprise businesses have thousands of web pages with varying indexation and search rankings. This requires a much higher scale, brand building, automation, and online reputation management. Therefore, enterprise SEO can be defined as a large-scale SEO project that aligns with the goals of a big brand or an enterprise business.


A Glance at Enterprise SEO

The SEO techniques that work for small or mid-sized businesses do not work for large brands or enterprises with a national or global presence. The former can handle keyword research, content creation/posting, link building, and local SEO techniques with a small team. Larger business websites with more than a thousand web pages warrant a much larger team with cutting-edge experience, knowledge, and expertise. From e-commerce/retail giants and big IT businesses to fortune 500 companies, national-level brands, and multinational conglomerates, SEO for enterprises covers a wide range of sectors and businesses. Thus, Enterprise SEO Services are aimed at maximizing online marketing opportunities, solidifying brand reputation, and handling the multi-faceted site optimization requirements of big enterprises. The distinguishing features of Enterprise SEO (as opposed to SEO for SMEs) are as follows:


  • Given their small stature, it makes sense for SMEs to choose long-tailed keywords with lower competition. But enterprises with a robust online presence can opt for short-tail keywords with higher competition. 
  • Owing to 1000+ pages on enterprise websites, internal linking here is far more important than small-scale SEO. The simpler the site architecture, the easier the indexing will be by search engines. 
  • Posting one blog every week suffices for SMEs. But for enterprises selling hundreds of products and services spanning multiple categories, daily large-scale content creation and posting is necessary for on- as well as off-page activities. 
  • The sheer scale of user-generated content can also be staggering. It takes a lot more time and effort to review and moderate the same. Brand Awareness SEO warrants the regulation of online communities. For comprehensive online reputation management, the positive community mentions have to be acknowledged and highlighted. All negative comments should be responded to and resolved timely.


Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is a vast realm with complex dynamics. It requires long-term commitment, strategizing, constant upgrades/up-skilling, and multi-pronged capabilities. Instead of struggling to manage these requirements in-house, brands should consider availing of these services from a seasoned SEO agency.


Content Creation Aligned with the Purchase Cycle:

Brands can attain higher customer lifetime value by investing in their search behaviour, research needs, and purchase preferences. Merely focussing on individual product/service categories to dominate search results is a half-baked effort. The entire content creation and management must be synchronized with the customer’s journey. A well-experienced Enterprise SEO team can handle these requirements efficiently.


High-Scale Link Building for a Wider Outreach

The uniform distribution of the link value of multiple pages is necessary for maximizing the brand outreach of large corporations. Furthermore, the on-page optimization and internal link-building requirements of enterprise websites require the high-scale efforts of a competent team.


Brand Reputation Management

Managing the online reputation of a national or multinational enterprise is a humongous task. Apart from search engine reviews, all brand mentions on social media, online forums, trade review sites, and community discussions have to be monitored. The total of these efforts by an expert agency will get reflected in the search rankings of major brands.


Multi-disciplinary Expertise for Better Scaling

The complexity of search engine algorithms requires the Enterprise SEO team to be well-versed in multiple areas. For thousands of web pages, the page speed, content layout, navigation, and overall user experience have to be monitored constantly. Not all brands want to manage this herculean task in-house.


Enterprise SEO Automation for Seamless Project Management

Automation is a crucial aspect as far as Enterprise SEO is concerned. The sheer volume of work entails that AI-driven optimization is introduced for a smooth workflow and hassle-free Project Management. Be it for coding validation, schema construction, mobile optimization, or page speed optimization, automated tools offer far better performance. By outsourcing their Enterprise SEO requirements, businesses don’t need to buy these tools separately.



For Enterprise SEO to be successful, the SEO team has to work in absolute coordination with the brand’s in-house marketing team. Both online and offline marketing goals and objectives have to be perfectly aligned and in sync. Seamless communication and orchestrated efforts will ensure consistently positive results. Hence, brands must tie up with agencies with extensive experience in this area, preferably working in the same industry or sector.


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