Why did Apple pull back its latest update for HomePod?

With I phone’s new series making the whole world crazy, Apple also launched its iOS 13.2 recently which comes with a big list of new HomePod features.

The release also came with an update in HomePod software that included the anticipated multi-user mode as well as features such as Handoff and Ambient Sounds to the HomePod.

Though in only a little time after the launch of the update, the latest HomePod iOS 13.2 software update is seen to have been pulled back temporarily.

The new update has been designed in order to accentuate the new product with the features that were showcased at WWDC 2019 back in June.

A major feature which the company has brought with the update is the ‘multi-user mode’ that allowed the HomePod to recognise up to six different voices to deliver personalised responses to multiple users in the home.

The aim of this feature was to enhance the HomePod and make it a strong competitor against Amazon Echo and Google Home.

To give the customers pleasurable experience of playing music, podcasts, and phone call audio directly from a connected iPhone – Handoff feature was also introduced by Apple.

Moreover, Ambient Sounds were also a part of the product which came with the update.

The update was provided to the customers who have installed iOS 13.2 on their iPhone or iPad 13.2 on their iPad models.

However, many issues related to the new update had been reported because of which the company had to take the update back and stop the service.

Apple has halted the iOS 13.2 update for the HomePod to overcome the anger by the customers. Also, the company through a support page is recommending the users who have already upgraded to the latest version to avoid resetting their HomePod or removing it from the Home app.

Till now, it is not very sure if the company will resume the iOS 13.2 update for the HomePod or not. But, the users who have already reset or removed their HomePod from the Home app are advised to contact Apple Support directly.

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