Zomato Insensitively memify covid patients with steam momos

While looking at Zomato’s social media handles you won’t be able to distinguish between a meme page and the brand page. Today they posted a tweet saying, “to everyone who’s covid positive at the moment, we hope you go from taking steam to taking steamed momos super soon 💪”

Does this mean that covid positive people are limited to the steam momos and regardless of their health they should eat junk food like ‘momo’. The steam they take to get well is compared to the steam momos. Zomato never leaves a chance to make a social media post about each and everything.

Few days back they tweeted, “gorgeous gorgeous people can never decide what food to order” does this mean a disrespect towards good looking people and made fun of others for not looking good.

This marketing strategy might influence others to make derogatory remarks in the form of memes.