Your Facebook and TikTok account may be removed if found spreading fake news

On April 5, the Government got concerned over the fake news being spread over the social media. So the government took action by writing to both Facebook and Tiktok to identify and remove such users found spreading fake news over the media. – Source Reuters

In one of the videos reviewed by Reuters, a user a seen that not to worry about this virus as it wouldn’t hurt him as he is a follower of Prophet Mohammed and only fears Allah.

“You need to ensure that such rogue messages do not go viral,” said the IT ministry’s letter.

“(Such messages) have the potential for creating panic … this effectively weakens the all-out effort being made by the Indian government for containing the coronavirus,” the letter added.

In one statement TikTok said that it will work closely with the government to stop the spread of misinformation about coronavirus.

Facebook also said that it will work aggressively towards stopping the fake news from spreading. Facebook also said that it will work with the government closely to stop the misinformation from being circulated on its platform.