Elon Musk and his magic 8 ball: Here’s how users on Twitter react!

In recent developments on Twitter, Elon Musk is making more changes than ever. It is the 2.0 phase of Twitter and here’s what is happening.

Twitter Founder named Jack posted a Tweet ‘Nobody knows anything. To which, Elon Musk replied Magic 8 ball knows it all. Is this an obsession? Is this the reason behind pricing all items in Twitter’s new cafeteria at $8? Users have poured in comments to this tweet. There have been several retweets as well. People have also posted threads of zodiac signs and memes about tarot. What is interesting about the Magic 8 ball is generally used to tell the fortune of a person. People also made memes on this and asked Elon Musk to donate them / send them some money. This event is hilarious and has caught the attention of the netizens.

It already seems like Twitter 2.0 has too much in store for us. Be on the lookout for the latest updates on our website. Stay connected with us for more tech-related news and updates in the world of technology.


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