Sahil Khan V/s Manoj Patil Update: Manoj Patil blamed Sahil khan and his wife for planning his visa cancellation

There is a new controversy that is going on social media about Sahil Khan and Manoj Patil who has been Mr. India. In this controversy, it has taken a sharp turn in which the latter has attempted suicide. However, he has been rescued by the family members who took him to the hospital on time. He claimed in his suicide letter that Sahil Khan has been the driving force for his suicide attempt. Manoj Patil also claimed that his wife and Sahil khan has been planning a big thing so that his Visa for the USA can be canceled.

Now let us dive into the controversy and what it is all about that led to this tragic event. Mr. Sahil Khan as we all know is a social media star and some people call him India Dan Bilzerian. A guy name Raj Faujdar reached out to Mr. Khan asking for some help to get his money back from Mr. Manoj Patil. Mr. Faujdar claimed that he took steroids from Mr. Patil in 2019 and the drugs that were given to him were expired. He was regularly running from here and there to get his money back as claimed by Mr. Faujdar. Now Mr. Sahil Khan after hearing his case presented his story on social media via his own social media accounts.

However, Mr. Patil is now out of danger and he is now recovering. He also alleged that Sahil Khan has been harassing him since he use to work with him on his peanut butter brand.

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