Rs99 trending on twitter as Vodafone India deducts the amount for international roaming

Twitter on Tuesday showed a distinctive picture where users started posting screenshots of there SMS from the Telecom giant Vodafone India. The message stated “This is to inform that we have deducted Rs 99 towards international roaming rental”, and add to the havoc is that no one can reach the customer service for Vodafone due to the nationwide lockdown of COVID-19.

A lot of customers went online and shared their anger towards the company, as people are looking for answers to why their balance has been deducted.

Some users posted with the screenshot on there twitter handle:

So far there is not any update from the company to its users as to why the charges have been levied on there account. We have tried to communicate with Vodafone but so far we haven’t heard back from them on this issue.


Vodafone confirms from its official twitter handle that they have deducted the amount in an error and are refunding the money back to its customers.