Laws are on one side and poets on the other – Elon Musk

Today Elon Musk tweeted that laws are on one side and poets on the other. This means that Elon Musk is comparing himself to a poet. He has always said he is half democrat and half republican. He has been in the limelight recently for taking a tussle with Bernie Sanders and many more.

After this tweet, he shared an image that represented his perspective. In that image, one guy is talking about that I have caught poetry. Then the other guy replies Oh Really? Well, Don’t worry sir. I used to suffer from short stories. Then the first guy asks him oh really when? and in the end, the guy said oh, once upon a time.

We have always seen Elon musk talking in cryptic messages. In this also he has a message that we think he talking about all the heat that he has been taking in from all around.

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