Jeff Bezos takes a dig at Elon Musk : Help me out. How do I edit a typo on twitter? Oh right…

Jeff Bezos today took a dig on Elon Musk by making fun and saying Help me out. How do I edit a typo on Twitter? Oh right…

Elon Musk has been advocating for an edit button to be available on Twitter. Jeff Bezos along with The Washington Post has been targeting Elon musk for his purchase of Twitter.

Where The Washington Post wrote an editorial in which it said that billionaires should not buy social media platforms as it is bad for society. However, Fans of Elon Musk took to the very platform that he has almost bought it. Elon musk’s followers were quick to present that Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post in 2013 at that time no one said why a billionaire is buying out a news agency.

‘Did the Chinese government just gain a bit of leverage over the town square?’ asked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, referring to a story by a New York Times reporter who pointed to connections between Tesla and the Chinese government.

The tweet came in response to a communication from NYT reporter Mike Forsythe:

“In relation to something:

-China was Tesla’s second-largest market in 2021. (after the US)

-Chinese battery manufacturers are significant Tesla EV suppliers.

-After China outlawed Twitter in 2009, the authorities had essentially no control over the platform. -This may have recently altered.”

The feud between the billionaires is definitely hitting the fans from both sides.