Indians spent over 5.5 billion hours on TikTok in 2019

As we know in the race of coming first, TikTok is not much behind the social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

And, instead of its ban because of so many fatal accidents, TikTok has managed to create a space of its own in the phone screens of Indian users.

According to a new report from data analytics firm App Annie, Indians spent over 5.5 billion hours on the short-video sharing app, which is visibly higher than 900 million hours Indian spent in 2018.

An Economic Times report citing App Annie says TikTok’s monthly active users increased by 90% to 81 million as of December 2019. India was one of its top markets globally, only second to China.

TikTok is also narrowing the gap with Facebook which still is the world’s largest social networking platform.

According to the report, users spent 25.5 billion hours on Facebook, posting a 15% growth. The monthly active user base rose to 224 million.

Instagram also registered a growth as its monthly active user base increased to 137 million as of December. Instagram saw faster growth than Facebook at 40%.

“In December 2019, the time spent on Tiktok in India was more than the next 11 countries combined. It is not only that there are more people engaging, but there is deeper engagement per person,” Lexi Sydow, senior market insights manager, App Annie is quoted as saying.