Elon Musk’s Twitter account has been suspended; here is the complete story

Yes, even we were shocked when we saw the screenshot of the suspended Twitter account of Elon Musk. However there is a catch to it, according to a user on Twitter Kevin Beaumont, there is a vulnerability in how Twitter functions.

The user then explains that Twitter has a UNI problem that is causing this issue. The ISO/IEC 10646 character set and the Unicode character set are code-for-code equivalents of one another. However, the Unicode Standard goes beyond merely the basic code. The Consortium’s official book offers a wealth of information about the scripts and how to show them in addition to character encodings, such as normalisation criteria, decomposition, collation, rendering, and bidirectional text display order for multilingual texts. For the purpose of assisting developers and designers in properly implementing the repertoire, the Standard also offers reference data files and visual charts.

The main reason behind this error coming up is just quite simple but still needs to be addressed by Twitter. There are two accounts on Twitter where one has a capital I, and the other has a small l. That is the only reason why one account on Twitter is showing as suspended while the real Elon Musk’s account is working fine.

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