Elon Musk just said Namaste on Twitter!

Elon Musk just after acquiring Twitter is facing criticism from all left right and corners. This mixed with some Indians who also criticized him for firing more than half of his twitter staff. Like Anupam Mittal founder of Shaadi.com posted on Twitter As smart as he is, why does @elonmusk fail to understand that if u parade subordinates naked in the town hall, it makes it easy for them to pee on you in public Respect is a 2way street, isn’t it?

But while some are attacking some even came in support of the Billionaire Harsh Goenka said We are underestimating the genius of Elon Musk. There must be a method to his madness. Whether it was Tesla, SpaceX, or Boring co, he was ahead of his times. He surely has a game plan with #Twitter which we just can’t comprehend. Let’s give him time before we predict its death. Harsh Goenka is the chairman of RPG Group.

While most of the staff has left twitter only a few remain and Elon Musk is definitely counting on those.

Hope all judgy hall monitors stay on other platforms – please, I’m begging u – Elon Musk said


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