Users to soon experience a superior calling network after the satellite connectivity launch

A very thrilling news reveal took place by Android’s vice president lately regarding the new Android 14 features. Now, you no longer need to wait for the network to stay intact in your phone to make calls. From now on, Android has to offer a no-network-calling ability to all users worldwide. In the coming days, Android 14 will carry the satellite connectivity feature, and now the problems like low or, almost no network coverage on your phone will no longer be a headache.

According to VP Hiroshi Lockhammer’s tweet, users are now going to get the best experience while making calls to people sitting in any corner of the planet. With the new satellite connectivity feature, exchanging calls will be an easy-peasy task. He said that he is working with a partner on this and soon people will get access to this new characteristic launch.

As of now, the sources say that Apple’s iPhone 14 can also provide satellite connectivity. As a result, both Android and iPhone users will benefit from a superior calling experience.

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