Twitch’s New Shared Ban Info Tool, Here is the complete info

To assist in identifying and dealing with possible ban evaders, Twitch has launched the machine learning-based Ban Evasion Detection tool last year. With Shared Ban Info, twitch is working on to identifying another category of potentially dangerous users. To work together to keep serial harassers out of the community, Shared Ban Info expands on the Suspicious User Controls system by giving them an easy method to exchange information about someone who has banned the channel with other broadcasters.

Several groups have already banded together to exchange details regarding people they have banned. This tool will make such efforts more efficient. In addition to assisting in protecting broadcasters and moderators, this function also helps to deter harassers from attempting to harass other channels.

 Shared Ban Information

Twitch will select either monitoring or restriction as the default action for how flagged people are handled in the channel. Users who are being watched can continue to communicate, but their messages will be noted for twitch and their moderators so twitch can keep an eye on them and ban them if necessary. Chat messages from restricted users will be kept so that only twitch and their moderators may access them. Users who have been marked will automatically be restricted unless twitch change their preferences.

Once a person has been reported, twitch can easily keep an eye on them, place restrictions on them, ban them, or restore their trusted status. The initial chat messages of flagged users prominently display a red border and provide information about the channel they are prohibited from using. Additionally, for added exposure, their messages are queued in the “Suspicious User Activity” Mod View widget.

After a sharing connection has been formed, all future users who are prohibited will continue to be marked as suspicious users when they send their initial chat message. Clicking on their viewer card will allow twitch to manually modify their status at any time.